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Guide to Coded Harmony Business Management System setup to maintain your professional online business

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Myriad fantastic apps exist to manage and organise your business operations. Each may uniquely suit specific tasks. But your business is not about performing a single but involves a sequence of interconnected processes and actions. Therefore, you need multiple tools to run your business smoothly: a modern website, CRM, payment & billing system, marketing tools, and customer account management.

However, the usage of multiple tools can lead to several complications. How do you connect these disparate systems into a cohesive unit? How do you avoid data duplication? How do you ensure the implementation is smooth and efficient? How do you train your staff to use these tools together effectively? And last, how do you ensure you stay within budget and kick-start operations swiftly?

Do you find it workable to spend many hours on self-directed training to learn to use new software or pay for expensive mandatory onboarding, as required by solutions like H*****t?

Some tools offer many features, with several developed to perfection. But how many of these features cater to your needs? Ten? Or less, perhaps just five, seven, or a couple? Each software tool may present similar problems, costing you valuable time and money.

Coded Harmony's Business Management Solution (BMS) solves these problems. It contains all the features needed to run a business smoothly, from small companies to medium-sized enterprises with hundreds of employees. We focus on what truly matters to you, cutting through the clutter and providing a seamless, integrated solution that's easy to implement and use. With Coded Harmony, you'll save time, money, and resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Learn how to get Coded Harmony's Business Management System (BMS) set up in your project.

Quick start

You can utilize the opportunity to use Coded Harmony Business Management System (BMS) from the day one you get a link and credentials. Normally, it takes to 8-24 hours from the moment you've fullfilled the registration form and initiated subscription.

Why Isn't Onboarding Immediate?

Several reasons contribute to this. Firstly, we integrate with third-party providers, such as Stripe & Twilio, which have their identification rules, potentially causing delays. Furthermore, our product isn't merely a tool but a crafted solution. Not only do we optimize your logos & images during system installation, but we also tailor exclusive solutions for you.

Important to Note!

Your subscription process may be temporarily paused if we receive unconfirmed or incorrect data, for instance, due to misspellings or other errors. We will do our utmost to contact you immediately to resolve the issue.

At subsequent stages, you will be able to modify previously provided data. If such changes significantly impact and relate to your legal rights, please inform us via the Client Connect Hub or Contact Form.

Registration Data

Upon completing the registration forms, you'll be prompted to provide information about your Company, Business Name, Addresses, Professional Body registration number, and Company Officers, including the person managing the registration process, admins, etc.

If you plan to utilize the Payments and/or Client Connect Hub modules and features, be prepared to provide your bank details for the Stripe and Twilio onboarding process.

Safety First!

We do not store sensitive data, such as bank account or credit card details. This information will be requested for authorization purposes only.

Setting Up Your Preferences

Benefit from our complimentary prime feature: an initial preferences setup. This encompasses SEO, optimization of your logos and images, and a professionally-curated selection of colors and styles within our modules, specifically focusing on the 'Site' module. Although you can adjust and modernize your preferences later, we encourage utilizing this feature for a smooth start.

While you have the option not to use this initial setup, doing all settings by yourself, please note that incorrect configurations might adversely affect system performance and SEO outcomes.

Detailed instructions on setting up and modifying preferences can be found in our support documentation.


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